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Unit Commanders
Strong Bonds FAQs for unit commanders.

Category Questions  

Category Questions  
Who is the proponent for Strong Bonds?
Strong Bonds is a key program for Commanders and should be incorporated as part of Soldier readiness and retention initiatives.

The Army Chief of Chaplains is the proponent for the Army’s Strong Bonds Program. It is a preventative skills-based relationship building program, led by Army Chaplains designed to assist commanders in building, strengthening, preserving and restoring Army Families.

Specialized training for single Soldiers and units being deployed or redeployed is also conducted by Unit Ministry Teams (UMTs).
What are my responsibilities as the unit commander?

  • Resource and execute planned Strong Bonds training in accordance with requirements established in the annual Strong Bonds Memorandum of Instruction (MOI)..

  • Seek program funding from the appropriate component, as needed.

  • Designate unit chaplain as the primary Strong Bonds trainer.

  • Support Soldier attendance and ensure training events are included on unit training schedules.

  • Coordinate participation by Unit Ministry Teams to market and promote Strong Bonds at community events, officer professional development training, NCO professional development training, Family Readiness Group meetings, etc.

How are Strong Bonds events funded?
The authority to expend funds for implementing the Strong Bonds Program is contained in Title 10, United States Code Section 1789 and paragraph 1-16g, AR 165-1.

Commanders are authorized and encouraged to utilize locally available appropriated funds as needed to support the program. Supplemental funding may also be available from the Office of the Chief of Chaplains (OCCH) for active component units, US Army Reserve Command (USARC) Chaplains Office for reserve component units and the National Guard Bureau Office of the Chaplain for Army National Guard (ARNG) units.
What curriculum is used at Strong Bonds events?
The foundation for the Strong Bonds curriculum is comprised of training material from the most sought after and respected practitioners of faith-based and secular relationship building programs.

The curriculum identified in Annex B of the Strong Bonds MOI (.PDF) is the only authorized material to be utilized by UMTs when conducting Strong Bonds events. Modules from a primary authorized course (i.e. PREP, LINKS, etc) will be used per Strong Bonds Retreat. Once the minimum curriculum hours are met, remaining programmed time is at the discretion of the unit.
Who presents the material at Strong Bonds events?
Chaplains, Chaplain Assistants, and their spouses are eligible to present the information, with training. All Chaplains, Chaplain Assistants, and Strong Bonds Volunteer Instructors (Spouses) must be trained and certified in specific Strong Bonds curriculum prior to utilizing material during Strong Bonds retreats.