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Strong Bonds Participants
Questions for participants in Strong Bonds programs.

Category Questions  

Category Questions  
How do I register for an event on Strong Bonds?
To register for an event sponsored by your unit, go to and click "Find an Event." This will guide you through locating your unit's event.

Once you have located the event, you will be prompted to login (if you already have an account on Strong Bonds) or register (if you do not have an existing Strong Bonds account).

If you encounter any issues at all, please contact us by clicking the "Contact Us" button in the left-hand menu. We are always happy to help.
Why must I enter my full Social Security number?
When you register for a Strong Bonds event, your unit chaplain or chaplain's assistant will cut official orders for you to attend the event. Full social security number is required for these orders.

For more information on orders for your unit's event, please contact your unit chaplain. The unit chaplain (or chaplain's assistant) is the coordinator for your unit event and can answer your unit-specific questions.
Who can I contact with questions about my event?
For any technical support issues on the Strong Bonds website or for questions about how the website works, please contact Strong Bonds Web Support by clicking "Contact Us" in the left-hand menu.

For questions about the specific event or unit, contact your unit chaplain or chaplain's assistant.