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Event Agenda

Event Agenda  
Event Agenda
Come to Indianapolis for a free weekend marriage retreat. This short investment of time will enrich your marriage for a lifetime.
9/25/2009 - 9/27/2009


3:00-7:00 P.M.     Check-in


7:00-8:30 P.M.     Welcome!

Introduction to the Weekend

    -Show TAG Video

    -Introduction of instructors and coaches

    -Couples introductions

    -Announce availability of chaplains and MFLCs for counseling

    -Give general ground rules (confidentiality, where bathrooms are)

The PREP Program

    - Lesson 1: Introduction

    - Lesson 6: You, Me & Us

    - Lesson 7: Stress & Relaxation (if time)

    - Your Goals for the Weekend as a couple



9:00-10:00     Watch Out!

     - Lesson 2: Communication Danger Signs & Time Out


10:00-11:00     What We Can Do

     - Lesson 3: Talking without Fighting


11:00-11:15     Break


11:15-12:00     Why It Can Be Hard to Communicate

     - Lesson 4: Events, Issues, & Hidden Issues


12:00-1:15     LUNCH


1:15-2:15     How to Face Challenging Situation

     - Lesson 8: Problem Solving


2:15-2:30     Break


2:30-3:00     Deciding to be Married

     - Lesson 9: Forgiveness

     - Lesson 15: Commitment


3:00-3:30     The Great Things in a Marriage

     - Lesson 5: Fun & Friendship

     - Lesson 12: The Sensual/Sexual Relationship


3:30-3:45     Break


3:45-4:30     Military Family Life Consultants



9:00-9:45     Worship – OPTIONAL

     Forgiven and Forgiving

     Celebrating God’s Gifts

     Renewing the Marriage Promises


10:00-11:00     Celebrating and Showing Love

     - Lesson 11: Deployment and Re-integration

     - Lesson 13: Sharing Hearts


11:00-12:00     Moving On

     - Lesson 10: Supporting each Other

          What We’ve Learned

          How We Can Help Others

          Evaluation and Feedback

Indianapolis Marriott North
3645 River Crossing Parkway
Indianapolis, Indiana 46240
United States
Event Location Map
* Child care service is not available
Contact Chaplain Staggers by email for registration assistance:
Jim Staggers
Online registration is not available.