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Strong Bonds for Pre and Post Deployment

Strong Bonds for Pre and Post Deployment

It is undeniable — the Global War on Terrorism has compounded the trials of routine separation that Army life has always entailed. The recent, perpetual cycle of deployment and redeployment, in and out of combat, has placed especially difficult burdens on all Family relationships.

Soldiers frequently struggle with transition from battlefield to home front, and their Families struggle to adjust to disrupted routines and the challenges of reintegration and reconnection. The Strong Bonds Pre- and Redeployment Program is designed to help single Soldiers, couples, and Families cope with this struggle. The program is offered through an off-site weekend retreat. In addition to relevant teaching and skills training, Strong Bonds weekends include time for relaxation, recreation, fellowship, and fun.

Strong Bonds programs are offered by Army Chaplains with the full support of your Commanding Officer. You’ll attend with others from your unit and gain practical, useful information based on material designed especially for Soldiers and Families. Through small group and individual activities, you’ll learn how to transition more effectively from separation to togetherness.