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Strong Bonds for Singles

 Strong Bonds for Singles

About 50 percent of the Army’s Soldiers are single and most will get married while on active duty. If you’re a single Soldier, you may also be far from home, lonely, and faced with the uncertainty of imminent deployment. These pressures can lead to hasty decision‑making when choosing a life partner.

A supportive mate is extremely important — so the Army is committed to helping you learn how to make good relationship choices by offering the Strong Bonds Single Soldier program. With this program, you and other Soldiers from your unit will attend training off‑site for a retreat weekend. In addition to relevant teaching and skills training, Strong Bonds weekends include time for relaxation, recreation, fellowship, and fun.

Strong Bonds programs are offered by Army Chaplains with the full support of your Commanding Officer. You’ll gain practical, useful information based on a nationally recognized curriculum that’s been carefully chosen. You’ll learn to examine priorities, manage mate‑choosing patterns, and learn to evaluate a relationship’s potential for long‑term success.

The Strong Bonds Single Soldier program is designed to help you establish relationship goals and gain essential skills to help you make a good choice prior to picking a partner for life.