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What is Strong Bonds?
Published On: 03/22/2017 19:06
Strong Bonds is a chaplain-led program for commanders which builds relationship resiliency. The Strong Bonds mission is to increase Soldier and Family readiness through relationship education and skills training. 
Strong Bonds Builds Better Marriages
Published On: 03/21/2017 18:21
On Feb. 25, Soldiers and Family Members of 3rd Battalion, 69th Armor Regiment and 3rd Brigade Support Battalion, gathered at Fort Stewart's Main Post Chapel for the first part of the three-day Strong Bonds Marriage Retreat, sponsored by the Army Chaplains Corps. 
Retreat Offers Single Parents Quality Time with their Children
Published On: 03/21/2017 18:18
Sergeant William Smith plays many roles in his life, but he considers being a father the most important. It is also the most challenging. 

"It's hard, after working all day, coming home and trying to get ready for work the next day when it's just you and your kid, and you want to have some quality face-to-face time with him," said Smith, 17th Fires Brigade. 
Retreat Means Relationship Refresher for Army Africa Families
Published On: 03/21/2011 18:18
Enjoying an afternoon of snow and sun, laughing children and smiling adults scatter along the sledding slop, whizzing down the hill or watching others go by in Garmisch, Germany. On a recent weekend 22 U.S. Army Africa couples and their 42 children went to Edelweiss Lodge and Resort for a Strong Bonds marriage retreat.